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My name is Angel Blanco, and I was born in Venezuela. I studied business administration, but my aspirations were always toward art. During my time in Hong Kong, I finally decided to pursue a future as an artist.


My work is largely related to myself and everything that makes me who I am. I am inspired by everything around me. I aspire to always create paintings that are emotional, subjective, and independent of any cultural or geographical influence. All my work aims to awaken emotion in the viewer. My creativity has no limits, and my goal is to create unique pieces of art which inspire dialogue about many important things around us.


I also use my artistic abilities to design unique clothing styles, I work to create artistic and elegant styles for special occasions. Like my artwork, each of my clothing styles is designed to express emotion and creativity.


I live by this simple philosophy:

''Life is what you make it. Everyone makes mistakes; it's a universal truth. But you can always pick yourself back up and keep trying. If you believe in yourself, no one and nothing can stop you. We all have the strength within us to achieve our dreams as long as we are willing to fight for them. Things change, people come and go, but life doesn't stop for anyone. The important thing is to remain positive and keep smiling in even the most difficult times. By working each day to be a better, happier person you can improve life for yourself and everyone around you. Everyone has greatness within them, so keep your head up, smile, and always remember to be yourself''

“What you do today can change all the tomorrows of your life"
Zig ziglar.
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